Corporate Citizenship

Education for Young People

Old Newspaper Recycling Class (Germany)

Since 2008, Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) has cooperated with Deutsche Umwelt-Aktion, a group that undertakes environmental education in primary and secondary schools, to offer classes on environmental protection for elementary school children in schools in Meerbusch, where EDG is located.

The lesson held in June and September 2017 was based on the concept of "something new from something old." In it, the children dissolved old newspapers and recycled them into cards to send to their friends. The children learned by actually recycling something, and the class served as an opportunity to think about the importance of the environment.

Epson International Scholarship Foundation Students Visit the Toyoshina Plant (Japan)

Epson's foundations aim to promote education, academic research, and culture, and to contribute to the development of local communities. In August 2017, 13 international students from Asian countries on scholarships from the Epson International Scholarship Foundation visited Epson's Toyoshina Plant in Azumino, Nagano, where the company develops its projectors.

After experiencing interactive projector images and smart glasses, they were treated to the Fantas Aquarium, a digital aquarium specially set up in an area of the plant. Later, in the plant's theater room, they got an even better appreciation for what Epson does by watching and listening to video images projected onto a big screen.

Notebooks Donated to School for Underprivileged Children (India)

Epson India Pvt. Ltd. (EPIL) believes in the importance of childhood education and focuses its corporate citizenship programs on underprivileged children.

Over the past several years, EPIL has been distributing notebooks to public schools that serve underprivileged children primarily in the states of Karnataka, in southwest India where EPIL is located, and in the western state of Maharashtra. The number of recipient schools has been increasing by the year.

Teachers say that the assistance Epson is providing is helping to improve the quality of lessons, improve the lives of children for whom things such as school materials may be out of reach, and even help children stay in school. The children are absolutely thrilled to have their own notebook that they can use in school to help them learn.

Epson Information Science Vocational School (Japan)

Our society is increasingly built around information. To meet the needs of changing times, we established the Epson Information Science Vocational School in 1989. Its purpose is to develop technical personnel who are trusted by the community and can make wide-ranging contributions to society. As of March 2018, more than 2,600 persons have graduated from the college.

Most of the instructors are businesspeople or technical experts who have worked on the front lines of business. Even some of our own employees go out to the school to teach students. Classes are designed to ensure that students acquire technical skills they can put to practical use on the job. As a result of the school's efforts, at least 95% of the students in each graduating class over the 28 years since the school first opened its doors have received informal employment offers before graduation.

Students have their choice of three disciplines: Information Systems, Information and Electronic Systems, and Information Business. All three are recognized as Professional Post-Secondary Courses*1 by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). A special class has also been set up to enable the top students to join Epson on school recommendation after graduation.

*1 Courses recognized by MEXT have a curriculum designed to impart the latest practical skills and knowledge through close cooperation with enterprise and systematically seek to ensure the quality of more practical vocational training.