Corporate Citizenship

Environmental Conservation

The 17th Recycling Event (U.S.)

In April, Epson Portland Inc. (EPI) employees held a recycling event, the Energy Saving and Global Environment Month. 2018 marked the 17th time the event has been held, and the company took in unwanted electronic appliances and waste paper.

A large number of people from the community also took part in an event to collect harmful household waste in cooperation with the local government, gathering more than 10 tons of waste such as old paint and used metal drums. The waste was transported from EPI to a waste processing plant where it was disposed of appropriately.

Coral Reef Transplant Project (Indonesia)

PT. Epson Batam (PEB) has been helping to back a coral transplant project on Abang Island since 2015. The project, which involves people from Indonesia’s fishing and tourist industries as well as government and NGOs, is growing coral reefs (coral gardens) by transplanting about 500 coral fragments every year over a gradually larger area. Residents of Abang Island are hopeful that the transplanted coral can improve the environment for fish and increase their numbers.

PEB’s environmental conservation programs have earned community recognition for excellence and have garnered the Blue Proper environmental award sponsored by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry for nine consecutive years since 2010.

Donations Tied to Used Cartridge Collection (Japan)

Seiko Epson participates in various programs for donating to environmental bodies, environmental groups, and environmental causes. Amounts are tied to the number of used ink cartridges and toner cartridges collected.