Message from Management

Message from Management
- To Our Stakeholders -

Aiming to Make Epson an Indispensable Company for Our Customers and the World

In April 2017, we added the phrase "Epson aspires to be an indispensable company" to Epson's Management Philosophy. This phrase declares our commitment to playing a central role in realizing a better world by continuing to leverage our original technology to create new customer value. Epson's reason for being is to enrich lives and foster greater happiness. This statement of our commitment to becoming an indispensable company also expresses our desire to use our businesses to help achieve a sustainable society-a goal that happens to overlap the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Epson joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2004. We have been contributing to solutions to social problems by implementing initiatives that are aligned with the 10 principles of the Global Compact relating to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. In 2017, we created a CSR materiality matrix that identified and prioritized topics that we should tackle in light of their importance to both Epson and society. We then examined the relevance of these priority topics with the 17 SDGs by comparing them against the 169 targets of the SDGs. Ultimately, we found that 13 of the SDGs intersect with Epson's current business activities. So, for the time being, we will focus more heavily on business activities that will achieve the targets under these 13 SDGs while at the same time contributing to solutions to social problems and sustainability through actions that achieve the growth strategy we have outlined in the Epson 25 Corporate Vision.

Given the evidence of recent global climate change, initiatives that reduce the environmental impacts of enterprise are both critical and urgent for a sustainable future. Epson has a unique portfolio of efficient, compact and precision technologies that enable us produce products that reduce the environmental footprints of our customers. These are the technologies that enabled products like the PaperLab, a dry-process office papermaking system that produces new paper from used, and our high-speed linehead inkjet multifunction printers, which combine print performance and energy efficiency. We use these technologies to maximize the environmental performance of the products and services we create, produce, and sell for use in homes, offices, and the commercial and industrial sectors. We will contribute to progress toward achieving the SDGs in ways that only Epson can, by fully recognizing environmental and social issues throughout the value chain and by eliminating wasteful energy use.

Going forward, we will persist in our aspirations to become an indispensable company that plays a central role in realizing a better world. Toward this end, we will continue to strive to create new value by advancing our technologies and driving innovation to make the world a happier and easier place to live for all. We will look hard at solutions to social issues, understand what customers and society expect from us, and provide products and services that far exceed those expectations.

Minoru Usui
Seiko Epson Corporation